We, Tara and Alessandra, met in the jungles of Ranthambhore pursuing our passions of wildlife and conservation. We take the environmental and social impacts of travel seriously and seek to be conscious in all that we undertake.

There are numerous innovative grass roots projects across the globe led by wonderful and inspiring individuals making the world we live in such a special place. Heroes are all around us, quietly doing work on a small scale yet creating a huge impact. We would like to help tell their stories and support their initiatives.

Thanks to our travels we have been fortunate to participate in and contribute to a number of these activities; some of which are described below. We are in the early stages of working on several other projects concerning our wildlife, natural and social environments. As they develop, we will share them with you and hope you will partake in them as well.

  • While I’m Here | The Legacy Project

    This is a personal project by filmmaker Brent Foster profiling a series of people while they’re still doing what they do best… living their legacy. Foster decided to start this project after missing out on the chance to tell the story of a man from his hometown who dedicated his life to helping others. This project is dedicated to Frank and the many others who live selflessly and truly impact those around them. Check out the site to watch the inspiring stories Brent and his team have beautifully filmed.

  • Cause an Uproar, Big Cats Initiative

    We definitely have a soft spot for Big Cats and a true love for Tigers. Sadly through loss of habitat and human conflict many of these majestic cats are close to extinction. As few as 3,000 tigers, 7,500 snow leopards, 10,000 cheetahs, and 30,000 lions likely remain in the wild. With every trip booked through Karvansarai, we make a donation to this initiative. We thank you for helping us support a cause so close to our heart.

  • Children of the Forest

    Children of the Forest is focused on child protection, health and education of orphaned, abandoned, trafficked, abused or otherwise disadvantaged, stateless Mon & Karen children in Sangkhlaburi zone of the Thai/Burma border. This project started from very humble beginnings and is now contributing to the lives of over 1000 children. Alessandra’s sister, Natasha has volunteered as a yoga teacher here and we continue to support the foundation.

  • Connecting People & Inspiring Change

    On our wanderings around the world we have discovered many creative projects in the field of conservation. We believe that lessons can be learned through the exchange of knowledge and experience, and successful projects can be replicated in different contexts. We would therefore like to create a platform for this exchange to take place.

  • Kripa Foundation

    When Alessandra was 18 she took a gap year between high school and university to volunteer and travel in India. While she worked at the Kripa Foundation the holistic and alternative approach to rehabilitate those afflicted with chemical dependence left a deep impression on her. Many of the employees were recovering alcoholics themselves serving as a role model for recovery and sobriety. She recalls mornings meditating, practicing yoga and joining in on laughter therapy in the beautiful setting of Anjuna, Goa. Kripa Foundation welcomes proposals for collaborative work with respect to services, training and research from other organizations working in the field of substance abuse and HIV-AIDS.