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How did Karvansarai come about?

Karvansarai is the coming together of two friends and travellers, Tara and Alessandra, who have lived in 13 different countries and travelled in more than 100 countries in their wanderings around the world.

Over many conversations about travel, wildlife, photography, design, architecture, wellbeing, food and wine, Alessandra and Tara, also realised they have a common love for research, planning and organisation.

The art of designing a perfect adventure is what this is all about!

What makes us Karvansarai?

  1. If we don’t believe in it, buy it, love it or use it, we will not recommend it. We do our best to personally know every place, person and experience we suggest. If ever another source is used (highly trusted and vetted), we would inform you.
  2. Every assignment is tailor made, getting to know you so that we can create an individual trip unlike any other.
  3. Our experiences are authentic – drawing on our personal network with a lot of emphasis on people who are doing unique and interesting things around the world and are as passionate about their work as we are about ours.
  4. We continuously explore new places and rediscover familiar places to offer you up to date insider details and specialist support on the ground for your travels.
  5. We believe our transparency is highly valued and guarantee that commissions never influence with whom we work. We collaborate with individuals who have knowledge we value greatly and ethics we genuinely trust in.
  6. We, Tara and Alessandra, met in the jungles of Ranthambhore pursuing our passions of wildlife and conservation. We then met Alon when he guided us through the Congo Basin rainforest in the Central African Republic. We all take the environmental and social impacts of travel seriously and seek to be conscious in all that we undertake. We are working on several projects concerning our wildlife, natural and social environments. As they develop, we share them with you and hope you will partake in them as well. See What We Support for more information.

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We encourage all of our travellers to explore and discover – build their own relationships, plant their own roots and create their own unforgettable memories with a little bit of inspiration and guidance from us.

What is the meaning of

(Persian for Caravanserai)
back in the day was a roadside inn located along the trade routes, a meeting point of different cultures and people, where travellers shared stories of their adventures from faraway places and exchanged information about roads travelled and roads ahead. Welcome to our virtual Karvansarai, journey into the fabric of the places we love and discover what lies within you.